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Commands and keys

In-game commands and keys

Help  -” /help” to display

Please make note of our server rules using /rules

Also please take the time to read our commands using /commands

View the keys to open Menus using /keys

Commands – “/commands” to display

/dv | Deletes your current vehicle.

/car [carname] | Spawn a vehicle.

/dtp | List of drift track teleports.

/tips | Enable/Disable tips

/emote [name] | Do emote, /emotes | List of emotes

/votekick [ID] | Starts the vote-to-kick process

/voteyes | Votes yes on the active vote-to-kick

/voteno | Votes no on the active vote-to-kick

Drift Track teleports  -“/dtp” to display

/dtp1 | Part 1 List of drift track teleports.

/dtp2 | Part 2 List of drift track teleports.

/dtp3 | Part 3 List of drift track teleports






Keys – “/keys” to display

[M] | vMenu

[L] | Teleport to waypoint / Cancel time trial

[Z] | Playerlist

[1] | Toggle Engline

[F5] | Addon vehicles menu

[F6] | Enable/Disable Drift Smoke

[F7] | Map teleport menu

[F10] | Stance menu (inside car)